Meal Ideas for Baby Led Weaning

When I first started Baby Led Weaning (BLW), I wasn’t quite sure where to begin! The appeal of BLW lies in its simplicity, so don’t overthink it! I have several go-to recipes, but on the days where I don’t have anything prepared, here are some of the basic meals I feed my little one.

  • scrambled egg, avocado, and cheese
  • french toast and blueberries
  • black beans, steamed zucchini, and chicken
  • steamed red bell pepper, chicken, and avocado
  • banana with almond butter and cheerios
  • blueberries, banana, and plain greek yogurt
  • steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato, steak
  • baked sweet potato, scrambled egg, and avocado
  • cottage cheese, blueberries, and banana
  • boiled green beans, baked sweet potato, and steak

And the list goes on! I usually just try to make a balanced meal with whatever I have in the fridge! Rule of thumb? Proteins, healthy fats, and fruits/veggies are a good base for any meal, same as an adult! The things he eats the most? Banana, avocado, and baked sweet potato strips. These three also happened to be his first foods!

When cooking diner, we try and include something that he can eat – this makes it easier on us, and also makes him feel included! He is a huge fan of leftovers! I mean, who isn’t?

I cut everything into strips that are easy for his tiny hands to grasp (bananas I just break in half and hand to him). If it can fit through a paper towel roll sideways, it can be a choking hazard. Once he learned the pincer grip, I cut the smaller foods into baby bite-sized pieces. Babies are born with their gag reflex farther forwards, so they WILL gag. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are choking – they just have to figure out how to chew, what size bites to take, and how their mouth works! However, I would recommend everyone take an infant CPR class at least once. You can never be too prepared! Also, be sure to follow the three day rule when introducing new foods to isolate any allergies. Again, I am not a pediatrician; this is just what I have found works for us!

What other BLW tips and tricks do you have?


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