Upcycled – Lumberjack Sweater to Baby Onesie

I have recently delved into the world of sewing! Let’s be real – tiny baby clothing? No one can resist the cuteness! And as the thrifty person I am, nothing gives me a rush like repurposing! When one of my husband’s well loved flannel pullovers shrunk in the wash, I knew this one wasn’t bound for consignment. The best part? I already had all of the materials, and I used a FREE pattern! Here is a quick little tutorial if you want to make your own!

Before and After

Step 1: Separate the sleeves from the body and cut up the sides to separate the front from the back. Leave the neck connected. I also seam ripped the pockets off of the shirt.


Step 2: Using the Free Raglan pattern from Duck Butt Designs, cut around the appropriate front and back shirt size, but do NOT cut off the bottom – this is where you extend for the pants.


Step 3: Using a onesie/sleepsuit that fits the child’s current size (or the size you are wanting to make), pin and cut the leg outline as an extension of the shirt. NOTE: If your fabric doesn’t contain at least 5% spandex, you need to cut the onesie LARGER in the legs to account for the lack of stretch. My husband’s shirt had almost no horizontal stretch and zero vertical stretch, so I had to make it a little larger. The free raglan pattern is meant to fit large, so it worked perfectly for the fabric with little stretch.


Step 4: Use the sleeves from your shirt to cut out the sleeves and hood for your onesie.

Step 5: Pin the front, back, and sleeves, right sides together, and then sew on the sleeves.

Step 6: Sew up the sides and close off the arms. If you want the bottom to snap, leave the legs open. If not, sew the legs closed as well. img_7932

Step 7: If you are doing snaps, sew either a hem or a band on either side of the leg opening.  I used a band made from gray French Terry. Cut the band two inches by the length of your opening plus a half inch seam allowance on either side. img_7933

Step 8: Prepare the band for the leg opening. Since I did the snap opening, I had to close off either side of the leg bands before sewing them onto the leg. Follow the instructions for sewing the band from the free raglan pattern.

Step 9: Repeat with the arm cuffs. img_7936

Step 10: Sew on the hood! I added an optional neck band between the shirt and the hood. I also opted to sew a band on the hood in lieu of hemming. I hate hemming… can you tell? img_7938

Step 11: If you are doing snaps, now is the time to add them! I use plastic KAM snaps.img_7939

All in all, it was a quick sew!  I love the fact that my little one is wearing something that belonged to his daddy, so there is sentimental value, as well as being a thrifty win!



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