We’re making some changes around here…

You have all heard the mantra – “New year, new YOU!” … *insert eye roll*

The positivity is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I rarely see the people spouting change on facebook actually be the ones to take that leap and actually DO something about it. You see, life is funny like that. Change doesn’t automatically just come to those who wish it, no matter how tight we close our eyes and tap our heels together.

So in honor of 2017 I am promoting change, but I am backing up my words with some actions!  I am going to write them down here for you! Keep me honest, y’all.

Overall, Caleb and I are fairly healthy! We eat healthy most of the time, exercise sometimes, and take our supplements. We knew we could be better, and we both have some baby weight to get rid of (mine pregnancy, his sympathy). I am actually below pre-pregnancy weight, but a lot rounder and fluffier than I was before.  Inches mean more than the scale, friends.

SO, we have started the Whole 30 Diet for January! We are on day 8, and yes, it is as hard as they say it is. BUT, my joints are feeling wonderful, my energy and mood are up, and surprisingly Caleb and I are getting along better, not worse! You do go through a detox (think massive hangover for three days), but it is necessary to get all that gunk out of your system. I look forward to sharing some fun recipes with you all!

Next, we are working out DAILY. I know, I about fainted as well. BUT, we downloaded Daily Burn, and I haven’t had this much fun working out since Zumba class (Daily Burn also has dance videos)! I love that I don’t have to leave my house or get someone to watch my baby, which was the whole reason I had stopped going to the gym!

I have always been conscious of what I put in my body, but not so worried about what goes ON it. Then I had a baby! Everything looks different through the lens of motherhood. My body and hair products are now all natural except for my dry shampoo and my Bath and Body Works lotion (don’t judge- love me some Stress Relief). I am going to have to do a special blog post just on the chemical-free brands that I have found that WORK, because it has been a long road getting here! I have an entire routine I do with my face care, including a homemade face wash! I have suffered from severe cystic acne through my teenage and adult years that comes and goes, and I have found that the simpler the ingredients, the better!

Same with cleaning supplies! I was already working towards a chemical free home, but I am going to continue to move in that direction. I use cleaning supplies from H2O@Home, make others, and I have a couple I haven’t weaned myself off of yet… Clorox Wipes, I’m looking at you…

LASTLY, we have some pretty big financial goals this year, working towards an even bigger goal that we will reveal at a later time. SO, we broke our budget down to basics, and started over. Dave Ramsey all the way this time. We do all our budgeting on our phones, and our favorite apps are the Mint Bills app (bill pay) and the EveryDollar app (budgeting). Both wonderful wonderful apps that have saved us from pulling our hair out! Last but not least, we started Digit (a money saving app) TODAY, so we will keep you posted on how it works out for us. Nothing but rave reviews, so fingers crossed!

I hope seeing our goals and actions for this year have sparked a fire in you to make a change as well! I look forward to taking this journey with you as I implement one final goal – be. do. create.

……. Maybe I do like those cheesy mantras after all.




PC: Heather Witt Photography


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